Radiometric Measurements – Accuracy, repeatability and errors

Radiometric Measurements directory

Radiometric measurements for industrial processes have been around for several decades. They are an important component in the successful performance of critical level, density and flow measurements. Nuclear measurement gauges work where conventional measuring technology fails. They offer outstanding measurement results under extreme conditions. High temperatures, pressures and other difficult ambient and process conditions are […]

Continuous Level Measurement

Tank with radiometric level measurement

We optimize your processes in vessels and bunkers on liquids and bulk solids Our continuous level measurement gauges are used to monitor measuring ranges, ranging from a few millimeters up to several dozen meters. The radiometric level measurements work non-contacting and non-intrusive. As the components are mounted on the outer wall, they do not come [...]

Multiphase Level Measurement

Multiphase level measurements catalogue

How can we get the most out of our existing salt? In order to optimize desalters and achieve the best efficiency, level control must be improved. Due to extreme process conditions the monitoring of interfaces in process vessels can be very difficult and poses some challenges for the measurement technologies. Berthold Technologies has published the whitepaper “Multiphase [...]

Official approval from TechnipFMC.

We are very proud and very grateful that we are now also officially approved as a global supplier of radiometric instrumentation to TechnipFMC.  

New owners in Sensor Technology As (S-Tec)

We are pleased to announce that Berthold Technologies has bought into Sensor Technology AS. Berthold is the world's leading manufacturer of radiometric meters for process monitoring and control, with +60 years of experience, +20,000 operational applications, and own production of radioactive control sources. For S-Tec, it is important that Berthold has significant development capacity, which will […]

S-Tec celebrates 10th anniversary in November 2014

The first 10 years of our business have been successful, and we are moving forward with strengthened competence and product range. We thank our customers and suppliers for their cooperation in our first decade. S-Tec has its 10th anniversary on 8/11 2014. We are marking this with a new website, and of course with an anniversary party. 10 years is no [...]

Measurement of specific weight, concentration and level from outside of your processes

S-Tec's operations are entirely related to the production and development of radiometric measuring equipment for industrial applications. Our products and expertise have been developed from similar activities in Norway since the 1960s. Density( density), S-Tec concentration and level meters and its predecessors have references in many applications in the following industries: