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The environment around meters in oil and gas extraction and processing can be harsh.
This places demands on material selection and construction of measuring instruments,
for long-term stable operation.

Radiometric meters

Radiometric meters have a maintenance advantage in that the donor part consists in a "self-propelled" energy source, which can be set the clock after. High reliability and safety have led to many radiometric measurement applications in this industry, including:

Competence on different regulations

The development towards processing well streams "sub-sea", has actuated the measurement principle further. Here, the fact that the meter is installed outside the process medium is of great importance, both at start-up and during operation.

Competence in various regulations with respect to radioactive sensors is a prerequisite for the company's activities in export markets.

S-Tec has extensive experience from deliveries to the oil & gas industry, both top-side and sub-sea. Procedures for following the specifications of this industry have been incorporated by QA and documentation.

Other industries