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Municipal and industrial treatment plants process the wastewater in a majority chemical and mechanical process steps to concentrate suspended material (solids).

From a starting point as a thin suspension, the drain is transformed into a manageable dry sludge for degradation, landfill or soil improvement. The processes vary from plant to plant but will often consist of sedimentation, herdulation, centrifugation and filtration.

The effectiveness of these processes is affected by the concentration (% solids) of incoming sludge. Concentration meters are used in this context as a management basis for subsequent processes, and for the regulation of polymer additives.

The development of bioenergy production based on sludge has actualized this type of applications.

Treatment plants for various waste water can have problems with growth in tanks.
In this context, radiometric level meters and overflow guards are effective solutions for process monitoring.

In hydropower plants, level guards are used for monitoring water supply.

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