The first 10 years of our business have been successful, and we are moving forward with strengthened expertise and product range. We thank our customers and suppliers for their cooperation in our first decade.

S-Tec has 10 year anniversary 8 /11 2014. We mark this with a new website, and of course with an anniversary party. 10 years is no age for a business, but we find that we have a much longer history than our 10 years as Sensor Technology AS.

The starting point for our activities is the establishment of NorAtom-NorControl in 1974. We are proud to continue the business of our predecessors, and to manage and develop expertise in radiometric measuring instruments.

We are also proud to have employees who have been part of this journey back to the start.

When established in 2004, S-Tec had 2 products, and none approved requirements for explosion safety in oil/gas activities. Today we have designed and launched several explosion-proof instruments, and we are certified as a manufacturer of these.

During its lifetime, S-Tec has shown that the company delivers competitive products. In addition to the sale of standard products, we have received, and succeeded in challenging development assignments from customers.

Today, S-Tec is the world leader in deliveries of density meters for "sub-sea" applications related to multiphase measurement.

The first 10 years of our business have been a successful and exciting journey. We are entering the next 10 years with several new products under way and look forward to continued good cooperation with customers and suppliers.