We are pleased to report that Berthold Technologies has acquired sensor technology AS. Berthold is the world's leading manufacturer of radiometric meters for process monitoring and control, with +60 years of experience, +20000 operational applications, and its own production of radioactive control sources.

For S-Tec, it is important that Berthold has significant development capacity, which will contribute to further development of S-Tec's established products. These are represented as a grant to Berthold, and will be included in their range on the world market. In addition to its own products, S-Tec will be a distributor for Berthold's products in Norway, and will be able to provide a complete product portfolio in radiometric measurement. That current level and density meters from Berthold have SIL 2 and SIL 3 certificates are met with great interest.

Berthold's entry into S-Tec's ownership group will mean benefits for our customers both in industry and research/development.

For more information please contact S-Tec by phone, email or via the contact form.