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S-Tec has delivered over 600 source holders for various applications and has good experience in designing, manufacturing and handling them. The installations are both inside and outdoors, in cold as well as hot and humid climates.

Safe, secure and durable products


Today we receive old landfill units after over 20 years in operation

We currently receive old landfill units after over 20 years in operation, and no source holders have stopped working. This is good proof that our source holders are safe, safe and durable products.

In our applications, we normally use double-capsulated Cs-137 sources, produced according to ISO 2919.

Design criteria

Our source holders are manufactured in accordance with ISO7205+ and have the following design criteria:
  • Corrosion resistance
    • Made of acid-resistant steel
    • IP65
  • Solid against mechanical wear and damage
    • The beam source is securely placed in the shielding material
    • Simple design with few loose parts
    • Triple barrier to beam source
    • Uses double-encapsulated beam sources for increased safety
  • Good shielding against ambient steel
    • The use of lead and tungsten ensures good shielding
    • Not possible to get your fingers into the jet path after installation
  • Reliable and secure closing mechanism
    • Closes separate from source, no change in ambient radiation by open or closed beam
    • Shutter can only be locked in the closed position and is clearly marked

Standardized and specially designed

The source holders are classified for a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C. Transport and storage of source holders in a specially designed transport crates.

In addition to standardised source holders, we also offer specially designed source holders adapted to the requirements and specifications that may be present. We have extensive experience with subsea source holders, and an example of such a device can be seen below: