Radiometric measurements for industrial processes have been around for several decades. They are an important component in the successful performance of critical level, density and flow measurements. Nuclear measurement gauges work where conventional measuring technology fails. They offer outstanding measurement results under extreme conditions. High temperatures, pressures and other difficult ambient and process conditions are no problem for radiometric measurements. Typical measurements are non-contact level and density measurements in various vessels, bunkers and piping systems, interface measurements in oil separators and measurement. They can also be used as non-contact limit switches.

Berthold Technologies has published the   whitepaper "Radiometric Measurements – Accuracy, repeatability and errors", wherein the radiometric measurements are explained and how your process can be performed with highest accuracy and reproducibility and the error sources can be minimized. The elaborate paper on how Berthold with its highly sophisticated radiometric measuring systems helps plant operators to maintain a reliable and repeatable measurement. You can request your copy here.