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How can we get the most out of our existing desalter? In order to optimize desalters and achieve the best efficiency, level control must be improved. Due to extreme process conditions the monitoring of interfaces in process vessels can be very difficult and poses some challenges for the measurement technologies.

Berthold Technologies has published the whitepaper “Multiphase Level Measurement – Improving level control in desalters to aid in use of opportunity crudes”, wherein the different technologies of level measurement and some of their possible issues are explained.  Especially the different nuclear density profile systems are discussed.

This paper shows how Berthold with its highly sophisticated radiometric Multiphase Level Measurement system EmulsionSENS helps refiners to optimize the separation process, minimize the probability of failure, increase efficiency, save chemicals and thus permanently reduce your operating costs. The whitepaper can be downloaded here.

For more information please see our product page:
EmulsionSENS – The Multiphase Level Measurement

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